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We're Hiring!

We are always interested in meeting and bringing qualified teachers onto our teaching staff as we expand our classrooms!  We are currently accepting applications for the following position:

Lead Teachers

Job Location:

Panda Cub Academy, LLC

1200 Boylston Street

Brookline, MA 02467


Panda Cub Academy, LLC

1200 Boylston Street

Brookline, MA 02467


Serve as a lead teacher for preschoolers in a Chinese language immersion context.

Responsibilities include:

1)Develop and implement age-appropriate curriculum that meets the individual abilities, interests, and needs of students;

2)Develop educational goals and behavioral management strategies for individual children;

3)Keep abreast of current education research and trends in early childhood education;

4)Contribute to an effective communication model with parents, including regular consultations, assessments, and parent-teacher conferences;

5)Develop, design, organize, and maintain a classroom that creates the most conducive environment for learning and for implementing developed curriculum;

6)Coordinate positioning with teammates to maximize supervision of students to foster a safe learning environment; and

7)Track student progress with regular assessments and document and record students development through progress reports.

Requirements & Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Education or a closely related field and at least six (6) months of preschool teaching experience.

In addition, the employer requires the following:

1)Must have a Toddler and Preschool Teacher Certificate; and

2)Must be willing to obtain CPR, First aid, EEC essentials, and Health & Safety training Certifications.

All experience can be gained concurrently.

This position qualifies for the employer’s Employee Referral Incentive Program.

Please send resumes to Panda Cub Academy, LLC, 1200 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02467 (Attn: Nancy Louca) or email

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