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Catered Lunch Option
Panda now offers parents the option of purchasing a catered lunch for $6.85/lunch ($150/month for students who attend 5 days a week), paid monthly at the beginning of each month.   The lunch is catered by a local Newton Chinese restaurant, which delivers  freshly prepared hot dishes especially made for us with less salt, less oil, no MSG, and careful precaution to avoid contamination with nuts.

Our lunch menu options are as follows:


Chicken/beef/shrimp with broccoli

Chicken/beef/chicken with mixed vegetables (snow peas, sliced carrots, Chinese cabbage, celery, baby corn)

Chicken/beef/roasted pork/shrimp lo mein

Sweet & sour chicken

Braised tofu with ground pork

Chicken/beef with string beans

Dried bean curd with chicken

Grilled chicken teriyaki


We pick a combination of 2-3 of these dishes every day to provide students a variety of choices.  The entrees are served over steamed rice.

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